About Jim

Welcome to my Blog!

You have found the blog site of artist/philosopher Jim Justice, and, as curiosity would have it, you’d like to know more about the person behind the words and images.

Jim shares an affinity with many artists who love nature and the outdoors.  Did I mention the smell of clean fresh air, the scents of each and every season and place in its turn, the brightness of color washed in the light of a sunny day, and even the grays of an overcast sky filled with storm clouds that bring the promise of rain and renewal of life?  If these words conjure up scenes in your mind and imagination which evoke unique sensual responses and emotions, then you understand something about what motivates me to be what I am and to do what I do.

The beauty of nature includes the wondrous beauty of all of God’s creations, the animate as well as the inanimate.  I am strongly drawn to figurative work as well as to landscape, and, like many artists, I am drawn to and challenged by the beauty and depiction of the human form itself.

I love photography as well as drawing and painting, and continue to be active in both endeavors.  Over the years, and primarily through my travels, I have amassed a large collection of photographic images in both color and black and white formats.  These serve to bring me back to a particular moment in time and space and to refresh the memory of my experience at that time.  In so doing, they also serve as inspiration for new works of art.  My primary website carries the name Justice-Arts .  This site serves as a place to bring together both art works by my hand, as well as photographic images from my collection, and, in some cases, the melding of the two (art made from photography).  I hope you’ll have a chance to visit my websites and to view the results of these efforts for yourself, and perhaps to send me ever-valuable feedback!

In closing, I’ll borrow a few words about my path through life and the world around me, from my brief profile:  I enjoy a wide range of interests and draw on an extensive background of past experience in both academia and industry.  I live and work in the US, but I have traveled, lived, and worked abroad.  I draw on the constantly flowing wellspring of input from these past experiences and thoughts, in my work and in my writing.

You are always welcome here and I hope you’ll visit often, and I hope that in so doing, something here will prove to be of value to you in your own life.  You and I are not alone, we share many things in common with each other.  The wonder of this ever-evolving world is that we continue to enhance and improve our means and ways of sharing these things with each other, hopefully to the benefit of all.