This site is designed to display works by the artist/photographer, Jim Justice, which are currently available for purchase. These include Fine Art Prints or posters on paper or canvas, as well as imprinted Coffee and Travel Mugs and Calendars, and much more. Available images may be viewed in the Galleries and purchased in the Print Shop.

Please visit th
e Print Shop for pricing and purchase information, and to make your selections. Prints may be purchased rolled in a tube for mailing, or ready for hanging on the wall with a range of attractive options for matting and framing. Coffee and Travel Mugs, Calendars, Playing Cards, etc. will be imprinted with your choice of images and can even include your own promotional material, as well, if desired (contact us).

Vendors interested in ordering promotional image products for retail or for licensing, please visit the special Vendors page. Interior Decorators and Designers are welcome here and we want to cater to your needs, as well. We have available a large collection of many thousands of images to draw upon, and can acquire many more, so let us know what your special priorities and needs are.

Finally, you will also find a link to the
Blog, "The Philartsopher", and we encourage you to visit there and to register for updates. One of the future purposes of Blog content will be to continually introduce new works, complete with commentary on each work. Works introduced in the Blog will generally be made available for viewing and purchase, at the same time, in the Galleries and Shops.

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Information & News Archives
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May, 2013 Launch of a New Shop
September, 2012 - launch of a new website
We are pleased to announce the first of a new line of designer apparel, and a new Apparel Gallery and Designer Apparel Shop for viewing and purchasing.

Although the first designs will focus on fashion T-shirts, or will often be displayed as fashion T-shirts, these same designs will be available on a wide range of other fashion apparel, with a nice selection of colors in men's, women's, and children's sizes.

We hope you'll find time to visit our new shop and to check back often for designer updates. We are branding our apparel designs by the shop name "Justice Arts Fashion Apparel Designs" and each product design will include the Justice signature logo to identify it as a unique design by Justice Arts.

Use the contact button at the bottom of the page to send an e-mail with the subject "subscribe" to be added to our mailing list for new product announcements. We will not sell your information to any third party.

To go directly to the new Fashion Apparel Shop now, click on this link.
August, 2013 New Image Gallery Format
Our original Image Galleries could only be viewed with Flash-enabled devices (smartphone users, for example, could not view the gallery images). We like the Flash galleries, but we must provide access to those who are using Internet browsers without a Flash player.

Starting in August, 2013, we will be adding new galleries which are fully mobile accessible, and yet offer many of the advantages of Flash technology. The first gallery to be installed (and also updated) will be the Pinup Gallery. Other galleries will quickly be updated as soon as the testing phase is over for the new format.

The new (non-Flash) format will display all images as large thumbnails on the gallery page. If you place your cursor (i.e. touch the screen) over an image of interest, it will expand to a larger size for more convenient viewing. You will find arrow buttons to move between the larger images or you can go back to the thumbnail view.

We invite all of our viewers to visit the new galleries, and even if you have Flash, but would prefer to see enlargeable thumbnail views of all images on the page, you might prefer to just visit the new galleries. These galleries will be clearly marked as "mobile accessible" and we hope they will meet the requirement of allowing all of our visitors to view the images posted in our galleries.

Remember that many of the images are available for purchase as giclee prints (Fine Art Print Shop) or as imbellishments on coffee mugs, playing cards, etc, etc, in our Image Products Shop. Please be sure to visit the shops if you wish to purchase an image in some form, and let us know if the new gallery format meets its intended purpose successfully. We always welcome your comments! Remember that all of the shops are fully mobile-accessible.