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Apparel Gallery
Featuring images from our new Designer Apparel Shop
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Our new designer line of apparel features original designs
which are initially displayed on T-Shirts, but can be printed on many items, including most of the types of items for sale in our shops.

A few examples are shown below of recent designs called "conversation starters". They are intended to "speak for you" and to reflect your interests, personality, or just to start a friendly conversation with a new acquaintance.

Check with us regularly for new designs which will appear in the shops, and use the contact button below to let us know if you have suggestions or special designs you'd be interested in seeing.
One of many "Live to Dance" designs
One of our "Friggie the Friendly Frog" designs
Lady's Ribbons, Leaves & Pearls design
Caribbean Dreams design
More Caribbean dreams and Live to Dance options